“I grew up in the Orkney islands, in the far north of Scotland (a beautiful, isolated place, with a remarkable archaeological record stretching back over five thousand years), and I moved to Edinburgh in 2003 to attend university.

I learnt to knit as a child, and then forgot all about it for a very long time. I picked up the needles once more in 2005, and it came back to me surprisingly quickly (with help and guidance from my mother!). I began writing and self-publishing knitting patterns in 2010, and haven't been able to stop since – I dabble in a bit of web design and coding, and I find that the skill-set required to code and that required to write up a clear and concise knitting pattern are really very similar.

I love to design engaging, intricate patterns with unique twists, and I always find myself being drawn to textures; airy lace, intertwining cables, twisted stitches... anything with an interesting tactile nature. My biggest design influence is Pictish and Celtic artwork - I've devoted considerable time to learning how to replicate the interlacing knotwork in knitted cables, and I find it endlessly fascinating and enjoyable. Finding new ways to work re-imaginings of ancient art into modern designs is a big source of creative satisfaction to me.

To date, in addition to my self-published patterns, my work has been featured in, Knit Now magazine, The Knitter magazine, Pom Pom Quarterly magazine and Knit Edge.

I'm the author and publisher of Celtic Cable Shawls, a collection of shawl patterns inspired by Pictish and Celtic art, which was released in March 2015, and Illuminated Knits, a collection inspired by Celtic illuminated manuscripts, released in October 2017.”